Our Vagrant Throne

by Dawn Of The Hero

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Recorded at "RQR Studios" 2010
All songs written by Kyle Pipino and Dawn Of The Hero
All Lyrics by Kyle Pipino
Produced by Dawn Of The Hero
Mixed and Mastered at RQR studios
All guitars, bass and keyboards recorded by Kyle Pipino
Backup vocals on "Before Allies Become Enemies"
by Neil Schneider
Artwork by Neil Schneider


released May 14, 2010



all rights reserved


Dawn Of The Hero Albany, New York

The world that we live in today is not the same as the one that existed 10 years ago. There is no longer I as there is "WE". The world is connected by means of the World Wide Web and advanced technology. Now that we are connected the world as a whole is in danger of corruption by our own hand. We will fight or will we fade? A New Era is upon us. Welcome To The New World Order. ... more

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Track Name: Fire At The Orphanage
This house is ruled by fire
The innocent ones to the funeral pyre
This blaze that burns inside of me
Will never be calmed by the storm
Flames rise on to me, I try to see
That the orphanage is burning down

There is no savior
There is no salvation
There is no murder
When we die,We die by fire

Flames burn higher at the orphanage
and the fire will cleanse our sins
I believe in fate and lies the same
I am a martyr, I'm dying to breath again

Blame fates decision
It's the choke hold that holds the flames
Around your neck, its your decision
Flames rise on to me, I try to see
That the orphanage is burning down
Track Name: Gabriel (The Archangel)
For the curse that you have put upon me
I will strike back with a vengeance so strong
That of the darkness of a 1000 midnights
Let the black consume you
For the dreaming neon black
I will force the light to come upon you
and cleanse the black and son alike

The last step you will take is the first step to mine
As the hymn has told the world will shake and
all men will be thine
The eclipse the moon has taken on thought
Have we become so blind?
Even the drugs mustn't open her eyes

Feel the cold
I'm on my own
By my side
My Faith and Pride

I will drown
In the darkness of your dreams
The nightmare becomes reality
The Dream is gone
The dead you are calling
This hell that we witness of the black abyss

Wasting memories of blackness
Oh, how the dark feels so good
and that's all that matters..but its not
and that's what really should

Hell on earth awaits,your life is in my hands
I will let go
Nothing can be safe in this world
That we live in

How does it feel to bury your son?
Track Name: Tonight, We Dine In Hell!
Tonight we fight for an everlasting view
of empires burning, so

We fought for days
Into the night
We lost our men
Towards the light
Our troops marched forward
(Our troops marched forward)
But so do they
(but so do they)
We shake the ground
They begin to pray

So follow me and die with me
Immortal we shall be

This war has torn me up inside
to many times

Minutes turn to hours
in the hourglass
Tired of waiting for
time to pass
Tonight, We Dine In Hell

We stand for bravery
The mighty and the true
The ones in our way
Will rot and burn

Tonight we fight for an everlasting view of empires burning

I have lost the words to say i love you
My tongue is tied and i am unable to speak
My sword will do the talking for me
Track Name: Before Allies Become Enemies
Kill the pain
Her end is near
It seems like everyday i wake up with fear
Burn the lies and the hate of others
who i called my friends

But who's to blame?
My hate or all my rage?
But I will not stay
To watch you kill yourself

Kill the pain
I feel the hurt
A 1000 slashes on the back of mourn
I feel the pain grow in you and me

I seem to save them from myself, I am
But the one to pick you up when your down
I seem to hold on to your hand
Even when you drown
Even when you said to me

"If the world sees right through me i will crumble"
You will save yourself
"If the world won't change than what will I do?"
You will save yourself

We see betrayal
The inner working of their carnival sin
This hell is among us, it brings fear
To the guilty and the providence

Burn for the answers
We search far and wide
We are the children of the night
Track Name: Our Vagrant Throne
Our Bleeding hands might never see
The light of day
This isn't how it supposed to be
My light is fading
Open your eyes and breath, this darkness in your lungs
And breathing your love
or insanity

I'll take your hand, you'll take mine
you'll tell me everything will be alright

And in the end i will find loneliness
Rise from the embers of nothingness

"We might not make it this time"
Hearing your words are so divine
Putting your heart into your mind
We will make it through this time
"We might not make it this time"
We will be fighting for our lives
Putting everything aside
For the world tonight

(I cant believe)
I am driven by our lives
but i lose hope inside
are we living a lie?

I Believe