A New Era

by Dawn Of The Hero

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Recorded, Produced, Mixied by Neil Schneider and Kyle Pipino at Loft Studios
Mastering by Kyle Pipino
All vocals, guitar, bass, programming and orchestration by Kyle Pipino
Except Bass and Backup Vocals on Track 2 by Dave Greene
Backup Vocals by Neil Schneider on Track 2,8
All Lyrics by Kyle Pipino.

Dawn Of The Hero is:

Kyle Pipino: Voice/7 string
Dave Greene: 5 String
Taylor Stinson: 7 String
Zach Sacco: Percussion


released May 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Dawn Of The Hero Albany, New York

The world that we live in today is not the same as the one that existed 10 years ago. There is no longer I as there is "WE". The world is connected by means of the World Wide Web and advanced technology. Now that we are connected the world as a whole is in danger of corruption by our own hand. We will fight or will we fade? A New Era is upon us. Welcome To The New World Order. ... more

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Track Name: Obelisk
I am sick of the lies
that are fed to me
daily from the street
of liars and thieves
Is this how you want it?
Nothing left but greed

Won't Die
While We're

Cus I still believe
In Unity
Now sing with me
For Humanity

Look into the light to open your eyes
We will have to fight just to survive

Death be not proud
For those who live today
Can make the change
That we need
To hold on
Before we slip away
I will not fade
Cus we're beaten and scared
By the ones above
who pledged and sworn
To protect us
But they lied to our faces
Now we are
Track Name: Race Against The Sun
We were born to be kings
Until we drowned in the blood that
was supposed to be that of our enemies
and as the daylight fades we find ourselves
in a race against the sun.

And if we fall, then we will fall.
And if we fight, then we will fight.
I shall reclaim my birthright to my death
I refuse to be another cog in the machine

Living life in fear of death
is not living at all
Remember that

I built these walls
Now watch me tear them down before your eyes

This is a War
Track Name: Juggernaut
Save me from myself
I am dead
Locked in a world of sedation
I can't Help myself, will you help me?
Or will you let me slip into pain
This juggernaut will Stay
I'll find my hope in my vains

Hands Are Shaking
Hearts Are Racing

This is what we become
When the world turns it's back on us

I am
A young man dying
To feel
Something satisfying
in you
But I'm lost
between heaven and Hell
lead me to the truth

We are designed
To find a plague
which then consumes our lives
the human condition
waiting for a light
to intervene
and make the wrongs all right
When all we want is to find our way back home
Track Name: Falls In New York
Living on the edge with you
is more than I can take.
Is riding out the storm
It won't be long before we're dead

We're getting older
Just promise me we'll be alright
We're getting older
But I choose to spend my time with you

Falls In New York
Track Name: Deus Ex Machina (A God From The Machine)
What is right in a world of wrong?
Have I forgotten where I come from? and where I'll go?
These answers aren't in a god from the machine.
What drove the weak is what will drive me.

He left me alone
Salvation that I seek, is
Not in his words.

Waking up alive
is something that I was not
Planning for tonight.
This is where it Begins and this is where it Ends.

I've been waiting for this moment
When the world is blackening.
I've been waiting for you to open your eyes
To save me from myself.

19 years alive I've realized
you take the world for what it's worth.
and you can't hold on to a god,
A God From The Machine.

With all that I have learned
Have I became what I said I'd never become.
With the world at the end of it's chain
I've never felt so dead yet so alive.

"My whole life is a lie"
Spoken with the utmost conviction.
Track Name: The Rain Man
Welcome To The New World Order

We've been lied to
the world we knew will be dead
Tyrants of corruption are
herding us like sheep
before a slaughter
They gave us all the shovel
now we're digging the graves
Consume their propaganda
All my life I've been fighting to hold on
but I've lost my hope (lost my hope)
For the future to come
Will we really let this happen?
Will we ever take control?
I hope so, god I hope so

Drive is what propels me
Justice, we need to make things right
I won't stand by while the world is in flames

We will gather in the streets
The whole world fighting for what we believe
We united as one
The whole world fighting for what we believe

Welcome back to the world they wanna see
Till I fall to the world that was supposed to save me
and I wanted to be honest but they'll break you down
until this world is cold enough for rain.

We're facing the end of the world.